We measure our success by how much we help create awareness and move the
needle for our clients.  Here are some of our favorite examples.


The stock market collapsed triggering a major financial crisis and investor panic, with portfolios rapidly shrinking. A major economic meltdown ensued. Elite Island Resorts
needed an attention grabbing idea that would quickly create a buzz for its little known
brand and dramatically impact sales or risk a winter season that might not sustain its
resorts. A new concept and PR idea, Stock Swap, was invented that would give investors
the opportunity to recoup their Stock Market losses by swapping their depressed
S&P stocks for previous high values to "pay" for a $5,000 vacation. We created an
innovative idea and tied into the biggest news story (Wall Street marketcollapse)
to create a rapid explosion of awareness and sales and 450+ news stories!
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Virgin Atlantic – You’ll Never Forget Your First Time!
In one of the worst economic years for the airline industry yet, Virgin Atlantic finalized
its commitment to launch a new route between North America and London Gatwick
to Toronto – the first non-U.S. North American route. With pressures mounting over
reduced business travel and the economy facing heavy business layoffs, corporate
travel and international was being paired back. Virgin Atlantic always known for its
splashy parties and large image when entering a market was faced with a tough
decision as revenues were in a slump and the airline was predicting it would not
post profits for the first time. To say the least, the mandate was to cut the budget
or jobs would be lost when the Toronto launch occurred! There was no budget for
launch, yet the expectations were high among the media. How to overcome this
scenario with limited lead-time to plan and execute?
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The Peaks Resort Debuts “Next Level Spa”
The Peaks Resort in Telluride had established a wonderful reputation for sports and
spa enthusiasts. However, the resort decided if it was going to be competitive
with destination spas like Canyon Ranch, it would have to create a destination spa
within itself and an exciting launch plan. Through Sharon’s recommendation for
branding the spa, within three months of opening, the property received more than
30 million impressions!
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Virgin Atlantic Becomes Air Force One
John Wells the producer of “West Wing” contacted Virgin Atlantic to “borrow” a Boeing
747 for an episode it was taping in January in Washington, DC showing “the president”
Martin Sheen boarding Air Force One. The request came a day before the show needed
the aircraft, which was incredibly short notice. At first glance there was not much to be
gained by such an inconvenience as the Virgin Atlantic aircraft would not be seen in the
aired version of the episode – it would be transformed into Air Force One when broadcast.
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